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Lip Blush

Lip Blush is a tattooing technique in which a small tattoo machine is used to add semi-permanent ink to the skin.

Lip blushing is a new trend that's generating a lot of interest. It's a semi-permanent tattoo, usually in a natural color, that's applied to your lips. It can give your appearance a boost and help fix imbalances and cover signs of aging in the lips.

Lip blushing isn't lip filler!

Bethan's goal is to create natural looking lips, therefore she will only create lips that are professionally recommended to each individual upon consultation. Bethan is also fully qualified to perform corrections on previous tattoo work.

Who is it most suitable for?


  • Everyone

  • Anyone who wants to enhance their lips without having dermal filler.

  • People who don't have much time to apply make up.

  • Active people who don't want to worry about wearing makeup just to look alert.

  • Any person who has paler lips that look the same colour as their skin, and those who have patchy pigmentation on their lips.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is slightly uncomfortable, but bearable. Also you will be numbing the area prior to your appointment to lessen the chance of pain.

Pre Procedure Advice

Please avoid the following 24 hours before your treatment-

-Any physical activity that will cause you to sweat on the day of your appointment

- Caffeine



-Vitamin A&E

-Fake tan

-Sun beds
- Retinols


Please be aware there are many factors that can affect the result of your lip blush treatment. If you suffer from cold sores, you will need to take a course of anti viral medicine prior to your appointment, this will reduce the chances of an outbreak during your healing phase.
The main factor is your aftercare. It is incredibly important that you follow the strict aftercare advice routinely as this will affect the outcome of your healed results. 

Please be aware that if you are having a cover up procedure, you may need between 1-3 sessions to achieve your desired look. The colour of your lips will eventually fade and soften in your skin. Please remember that this is your own journey and ink retention differs for each client.



Can I have Lip Blush?

You must be 18+


If you suffer with any of the following then unfortunately you cannot have Lip Blush.

-Pregnancy - Pregnant or Nursing mothers ( risk of infection)

- Eczema (face only if the skin is dry and cracked throughout the lip area, this will make it difficult for the healing process, and could cause irritation.

- Psoriasis (Face only)  - Same complications as Eczema. This is a chronic skin condition.

- Circulatory Heart Disorders

- Diabetes

- Auto Immune Disease 

- Severe Allergies 

- High/ Low Blood Pressure (Ok if you are on regular controlled medication)

- Epilepsy 

Patch Testing

A Patch/Scratch test will be carried out before starting the procedure.


Numbing Cream

The lip area will need to be numbed before the procedure, due to recent legislation changes the client must now purchase their own numbing cream; TKTX, EMLA or LMX4 numbing cream can be purchased from your local pharmacy. A small 5g tube will be sufficient.

While a patch test for EMLA or LMX4 numbing cream isn't required, I always advise my clients to carry out a small test on themselves just to be safe. Leave on the skin for 24 hours, same as the patch testing above.

Aftercare & Healing Process

Day 1 - The Lips are approximately 50% darker and 10-15% bolder in width than they will be when healed. There can be some redness & swelling. This will subside. Exfoliation, which begins in a few days, will cause the excess pigment in the lips to flake away gently. New skin will heal over the pigmented area and result in a softer appearance of your lips. Don’t be concerned that your lips initially will appear darker and bigger in size than you desire. This is all part of the process.

Day 2- Conditions remain the same, do not worry! Trust the process.

Day 3- The lips may start to itch whilst healing.

Day 4 -The skin begins to go dry, sometimes peeling from the outside edges first. Please do not pick/touch the area whilst healing. 

Day 5-6-  Colour finishes flaking and appears softer for a few days until colour clarifies and resurfaces.

Day 7 - The colour has lightened from its initial overly-dark appearance. For the next few days, the color may now be lighter than what the final colour will be. 

Top Up Appointments 
Please note- Top up appointments are charged separately.

The reason for this is because some clients may need a top-up appointment, some may need a few top-up appointments, whereas some won't need one for a year or two.

This will depend on your overall desired look & your body's own natural healing response.
Oilier skin types will need more top-up appointments, on average once to twice per year.
Loyalty Programme- Bethan has a loyalty programme in place for her clients. This is to keep the costs down and to enable you to keep your lips looking fresher for longer.

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