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Aesthetic Clinic providing Semi Permanent Makup, Laser Tattoo Removal, Bridal Makeup, HD Brows

Situated in rural North Lincolnshire, Bethan's private clinic offers a wide range of semi permanent makeup, award winning medical skin treatments, laser tattoo removal and much more.


Bethan Victoria, a qualified and registered Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist & Aesthetician, specialises in laser tattoo removal, microblading, bridal makeup, combination brows, HD Brows, skin treatments, and luxury facials. Her expertise has earned her recognition in numerous magazines and across the beauty industry ranking her as a lead practitioner in the Yorkshire and Humber region.
This is profile picture of Bethan Victoria. The clinic owner.

Bethan Victoria Kiddle

Clinic Owner

Bethan's unwavering dedication to excellence propels her forward, ensuring every treatment, from semi-permanent makeup to laser tattoo removal is delivered to the highest of standards.
Explore her wide range of services, 5 star reviews and special offers. Bethan is committed to assisting you at every step.

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